“La Muchacha” in her bikini doesn’t care about the comments | Look for Vip.

tgcom24 writes:

While in the north seems to back to winter , in the rest of the country heat is on and July is the month for sexy showgirls to show their sex appeal. Anna Tatangelo takes advantage of this opportunity and with her single “Muchacha” just launched, including concerts and promotional commitments, she finds time to be kissed by the sun.

“Mega protection and via the first soleeeee !!!!”she writes on her social profiles ,a selfie in the mirror in which she wears the Julia bikini by Frida Querida (158 euro) She then posts two black andd white shots, which show her bombastic décolleté and abs of steel. A huge amount of negative comments flooded Anna’s profiles. Followers unleashed their suspectes about alleged plastic surgery, about his age badly carried, saying they preferred her first when she was more most natural.

Meanwhileits a great period of success for Anna : the music video raches the million views. This summer Anna atangelo will be on tour all over Italy and will also be starred at the Coca Cola Summer Festivalalong with fellow Gigi D’Alessio. Life goes on : the singer ignores negative comments enjoying her fans and family. This is ‘ the price of success , some might say.

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