Freedom to Shop!

  • It is valid on-line for the purchase of any item available on e-commerce and gives the recipient the pleasure of choosing his or her outfit.
  • It is available in denominations of Euro 120, 250, 300.
  • It is sent to the recipient in an elegant gift envelope accompanied by a customized message
  • it is valid for 12 months.
  • it can be used for one or more purchases until its value is depleted.
  • pit can be used for partial payment of a higher value purchase.
  • it can be combined with other Gift Cards through a written request to, who will send a cumulative code.

Important – Gift Card Frida Querida:

  • nit cannot be used for the purchase of additional Gift Cards.
  • it is not convertible into money.
  • It does not include any customs charges whose payment remains the sole responsibility of the
    recipient of the shipment: Shipping within the European Union is not subject to import taxes.
  • Shipments outside the European Union are subject to import taxes.

Orders placed by Gift Card can be returned; the amount related to the returned goods can be credited back to the Gift Card or used for goods exchange.
The Gift Card will be sent to the address specified by the buyer when ordering. FRIDA QUERIDA FIRENZE will not be held liable for the delivery of the Gift Cards to an incorrect or incomplete address provided by the purchaser.
The Gift Card is anonymous and nominal, therefore FRIDA QUERIDA FIRENZE is not responsible in case of theft, loss or use by third parties. In case of loss of the Gift Card send an e-mail to: FRIDA QUERIDA FIRENZE reserves the right to refuse orders made using Gift Cards that show signs of duplication or fraudulent use.
Orders placed via Gift Cards are subject to the Commercial Policy, Privacy Policy and Site Regulations published on FRIDAQUERIDA.COM.

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